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The Storval Rise is a cliff of immense proportions which stretches across the width of Varisia, dividing it in two like an unavoidable facial scar. Reaching heights of over a thousand feet in the south, the Rise begins as low as only a few hundred feet in the north, by the Velashu Uplands.[1] It is here, at the cliff's lowest point, that ancient giants built the Storval Stair, which still provides the easiest access from the fertile lowlands to the harsh Storval Plateau above.[1] Much of the cliff face is filled with ancient statues and monoliths, relics from the long-lost empire of Thassilon. One such ruin is the mysterious hexagonal city of Kaer Maga, which sits atop the edge of the Rise at the falls created as the Yondabakari River plummets to the land below.[1]


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