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Type Monstrous humanoid
CR By class level
Environment temperate mountains

Source: The Bastards of Erebus, pg(s). 82-83

Strix are a race of dark-winged humanoids who live in a single community in Avistan, at the rocky spires known as the Devil's Perch in western Cheliax.[1] Strix have developed a deep hatred of humans for unknown reasons, but deeply resent human intrusions and besiegement. According to legend, the strix were delivered to their current home in a terrible storm, where they must survive as punishment until the end of the sun. Images on scrolls in the library of Iadara in Kyonin have led to speculation of a relationship with winged humanoids among the men of Azlant and the elves of Adarshavir.[1] Besides flight, strix see well in the dark, starlight, and moonlight, and are resistant to illusions due to their deep suspicions.[1]


Strix resemble humans in size and build, but are distinguished by their 12-foot wingspan, pointed ears, slitted nostrils, and eyes without pupils.[1] The strix language is a strange creole of Azlanti and Infernal.[1]

Habitat & EcologyEdit

Less than thousand members live at their only colony in Avistan, at Devil's Perch. With a small population, the creatures value their children and treat death as a serious matter, retaliating severely for any offense.[1]


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