Tar Taargadth (pronounced TAHR TAHR-gahdth)[1] was a truly ancient and long-lived dwarven empire which united the race into a common culture for over 6,500 years.[2] It was founded by the great general Taargick in -5133 AR during the dwarves' Quest for Sky. Arguments and infighting had brought the great drive for the surface of Golarion to a halt. Taargick consolidated power under him and declared himself king, refocusing his people's attention and completing the drive out of the Darklands in -4987 AR.[3]

In the thousands of years that followed, dwarves spread throughout Avistan and Garund, controlling their territories from Sky Citadels and battling their orcish and goblinoid enemies wherever they found them. Eventually the power of the Tar Taargadth began to wane due to infighting, and the empire was finally defeated by an overwhelming orcish horde in 1551 AR.[4] The Sky Citadels were either overrun by the enemy or so effectively isolated from each other that dwarves began to no longer see themselves as members in a greater empire, a view which exists to this day.[5]


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