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The Thileu tree (THIHL ee oo)[1] is a slow growing tree. Its bark is ground up and used as a hot spice for food. Chelish youths claim that snorting the powdered spice will give someone a hallucinogenic reaction, but, it really only causes severe pain . If this powder is mixed with water, a paste can be created that irritates the skin it comes in contact with. Varisians are the only ones who know how to cultivate the bark from a Thileu tree without killing it. Unfortunately, bark can only be harvested once a year, so only about 50 pounds or so are exported each year, making it very expensive[2] at 100GP a pound.[3] Some food and drinks that use Thileu bark are the Thileu Lager sold by Jerikal Ashworth of Jerikal’s Ales in Katapesh[4] and the Reefclaw pasty in Korvosa[3]


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