Lying in the Stolen Lands, the Thousand Voices is one of the densest wildernesses in the River Kingdoms. It features a great variety of life, and an even greater number of mysteries.

Known also as the Forest of Breath, the Thousand Voices is a mysterious and strange place, with tall beech, white oak, hemlock, and veined orger trees. Those who speak of it are quick to mention the tales of unexplained disappearances, ghosts, and winding paths which encircle and confuse those who dare to walk the forest path. All who speak of the Thousand Voices give the same message: avoid it, where men are unwelcome.

Inhabitants of the forest include numerous fey and fairy-folk, said to live in the trees, and who defend the woods against those who might cut or burn down the trees. Bandits speak of even stranger things lying deeper in the wood: glow but giant dragonsnails, Trees That Weep, Ghogas the Tick Mother, and the ivy-covered Castle of Knives.[1]


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