Nation Katapesh
Population 70
Demographics humans & halflings

Located on the Pale River approximately twelve miles from Hook Ford and town of Bronze Hook[1], the farming and trading village of Thricehill is one of the few pockets of civilization in the treacherous northwestern reaches of Katapesh. Founded in 4697 AR, the town has become known for the olives that grow in groves along the three hills surrounding the community (which also give the hamlet its name). Primarily growing its own produce and shipping the surplus down the river to trade in the heart of Katapesh, the town has had noticeable success in its short history, and the residents are worried that they are a nice, under-guarded target for raiders. While a small, poorly maintained palisade provides some protection to Thricehill's seventy-odd inhabitants, the townsfolk seek competent defenders to augment their small, untested force of guardsmen.[2]

References Edit

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Cities of Katapesh


Minor Settlements

Bronze HookBug HarborCommonfieldEl-FatarFinderplainFort LongjawKelmaraneSueda LodgeThricehillTiven's ReedYavipho

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