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Ulunat is one of the Spawn of Rovagug—many believe it was the first of the Spawn, a nameless beast which devastated Ninshabur in -3923 AR. It is arguably the best known of the Spawn—the golden, four winged beetle emblem of Osirion is a stylized (and greatly toned down) version of Ulunat and its colossal carapace is the centerpoint of the Osirian capital city of Sothis.

In life, Ulunat was said to be a hulking, three-eyed monstrosity with four wings, ten limbs tipped with blades, and a black mirrored carapace. Its single great horn was said to absorb arcane energy and reflect it back on the caster in the form of horrific, literally heart-stopping terror.

Whatever may have happened in -3923 AR, it is accepted that Ulunat ravaged Garund in -3729 AR. It destroyed six legions of the Jistka Imperium. Its activities continued until around -3470 AR, when it was apparently slain at the time of the founding of Ancient Osirion—presumably by the united might of the God-Kings.

The carapace in Sothis is remarkably intact, showing no signs of being involved in a titanic battle, and has not weathered at all in the eighty-five centuries it has lain in the sun. There is a folktale in Sothis that states that the beast is not dead; its conquerors only managed to put it into a deep sleep. One day it will awaken and the 100,000 citizens of Sothis will be the world's first line of defense.[1]


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