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April 24, 2009
  • Aeakett

    Thank you

    April 12, 2010 by Aeakett

    I just wanted to thank everyone for their efforts in making the Anniversary Editing Contest a success. The contest was the brainchild of Brandingopportunity and Yoda8myhead (my understanding is that they conspired about it one day over coffee). Cpt kirstov quickly volunteered a very generous prize of a set of miniatures to recreate the scene on the front of the Core Rulebook. Yoda8myhead also managed to wrangle a trio of gift certificates from the good folks at Paizo. A group of us went back and forth on the format, judging criteria and timing for the contest, going so far as to consult with Wikia staff about their experiences with contests.

    Finally the day came, and the edits began to trickle in. As the month wore on contributions began to…

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  • Aeakett

    Some time in the last week or so, it seems that Wikia made a change that I personally find quite annoying. Every time you click a red link, you now get a dialogue box asking if you want to create a blank page or start from a template. Unfortunaltly, there doens't seem to be a way to turn it off in the preferences. Well, thanks to Grunny over on the Wikia help forum we now have a solution. Just paste the following into your monaco.js and you'll creating new pages without interruption in no time flat.

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  • Aeakett

    Making citation templates can be a real pain, especially the more complicated ones that we use for the adventure path books. To that end I've made up a couple of tools to generate them in a more friendly manner.

    For simple templates, go here.
    For complex templates, go here.

    It's a pretty good bet that there are some bugs, especially in the complex one. If you find a problem, please let me know, and I'll try to fix it. Also, with any luck I'll come up with some more do-dads to make our lives easier over time. If you have any suggestions feel free to bring them up. I can't promise anything, but we can certainly talk your ideas over.

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  • Aeakett

    Proposed Logo Update

    October 2, 2009 by Aeakett

    While discussing the design for our ad in the upcoming issue of Wayfinder, Yoda8myhead mentioned that we could use a new logo since our current one uses some art from a pdf that isn't covered by the community use policy. I've put together a few variations on a design that seems to work pretty well. As you can see, the only thing different in each case is the background compass. Please chime in and let me know which one you like best.

    See the mockup here.

    P.S. You may have also noticed that the background texture in the mockups is different. This is another product of the same discussion. Yoda8myhead and I both felt that the crinkly texture was just a bit too much, so I got out some paper samples and a scanner and came up with what you see. }…

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  • Aeakett

    Historically, featured articles have been in the categories of Geography, Magic, Sourcebooks, and Religion. While browsing for articles to add to the featured section, I often come across really cool articles that don't fit into one of the usual categories. As a little experiment, the next month's worth of featured articles are a little bit off the beaten path. From Golarion's Robin Hood, to the dawn of the Age of Lost Omens, these articles have stuck me in one way or another. Maybe November's articles will go back to the usual four-category system, but for now, it's time for something a little different. }}

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