• Amethal2

    I'm going to us this part of my blog to keep a record of questions about Golarion I'd like the answer to. Most of them are unbelievably trivial!

    • Possible typo. Re Cchaya, should it be he (i.e. Khiben-Sald) who united the kingdoms rather than she (i.e. Cchaya)

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  • Amethal2

    I have seen Golarion categorised as a "kitchen sink" setting. We have the land of pirates, the quasi-Egyptian setting, the quasi-Arabic setting etc.I think this is a fair description, and I don't think it is a derogatory term. I think the folks at Paizo wanted a setting that could handle as many different types of adventure as possible, and Golarion was the result. This is good for me - tells me that I own 228 adventures, not counting every print edition of Dungeon bar 5 and the numerous adventures I only have in PDF format. With a few obvious exceptions (my Spacemaster adventures come to mind!) I could run almost all of them in Golarion with very little effort.

    However, it was only when I started contributing articles to t…

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