• Brandingopportunity

    As you have probably noticed, Pathfinder Wiki looks quite a bit different from the last time you logged on here. This is because Wikia, who hosts our site, has decided to "upgrade" the look and functionality of all of its wikis across the board. This means that you may see some strange formatting issues for the next few weeks as we hammer things out. Please excuse the mess and continue enjoying access to the largest collection of Pathfinder Campaign Setting lore in the universe!

    --The Editors
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  • Brandingopportunity

    Looking for something simple to write about? The Spell Index needs your help!

    As some of you may know, the Monster index is one of the most popular pages on this site. I thought it might be equally useful to create a Spell index, listing all the spells unique to the Pathfinder Campaign Setting. I am almost finished creating separate tables for each of the spellcasting classes, but I need your help.

    If you click on the links below (which are part of my "Sandbox", as I don't want the general public to access them in their current state), you'll notice that most of them are populated by red links; that doesn't look good. I would greatly appreciate any help turning these red links blue. All that is required is to use the

    • CLERIC SP…
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  • Brandingopportunity

    Hi folks,

    I've been playing around with a great little freeware program called Jing by TechSmith, that allows you to make short screencapture videos which you can narrate yourself. My first thought is that this would allow me to make short instructional videos about how to edit our wiki. The videos themselves I would upload to Youtube, so we wouldn't take up any more bandwidth here. Each would be pretty short (under 2 mins), but I guess could be lengthened if I am talking about larger topics. Here are some preliminary ideas for videos:

    • How to create an article about a person.
    • How to create an article about a city.
    • How to create an article about an organization.
    • Interesting options in your Preferences menu.
    • How to create a forum post

    So do fol…

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  • Brandingopportunity

    Mark Moreland (User:Yoda8myhead) Alex Greenshields (User:Brandingopportunity), were recently interviewed about the Pathfinder Wiki! (Know Direction Podcast #13) Listen to them stammering on about the wiki for way to long. Many thanks to Ryan Costello and the Know Direction crew for including us in their broadcast.

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  • Brandingopportunity

    Greetings True Believers,

    As some of you (well, maybe only Yoda) may know, I am moving to the West Coast, specifically to the town of Portland, OR. Today is my last day in NYC (sniff) and it will be a busy one. I just wanted to say a quick farewell to all of you, as I most-likely won't be logging in for the next few weeks. I don't have a laptop and the movers are transporting my desktop, so there's a good chance I won't be able to contribute substantially wiki-wise until at least the middle of August. By then the ENnies will be decided, so good luck to the wiki and to all of you! Don't forget to vote! See you soon from the Left Coast.

    BrOp (Alex)

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