Hi folks,

I've been playing around with a great little freeware program called Jing by TechSmith, that allows you to make short screencapture videos which you can narrate yourself. My first thought is that this would allow me to make short instructional videos about how to edit our wiki. The videos themselves I would upload to Youtube, so we wouldn't take up any more bandwidth here. Each would be pretty short (under 2 mins), but I guess could be lengthened if I am talking about larger topics. Here are some preliminary ideas for videos:

  • How to create an article about a person.
  • How to create an article about a city.
  • How to create an article about an organization.
  • Interesting options in your Preferences menu.
  • How to create a forum post

So do folks think this is a good idea? Would it be useful? Do you have more ideas as to what subjects could be mentioned?

Let me know.

BrOp (Alex)

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