Here's an idea that I've been playing with a bit. It first came to me when I realized a while back that User:Cheddar bearer was making a lot of updates for the city of Magnimar.

My idea is similar to the "Adopt a Highway" program that the USDOT seems to have had some success with. It also bears some similarities to the online phenomenon of foursquare (, in which frequent visitors to actual real world locations are declared the "mayor".

What if the more active editors on the wiki adopt, or become the WikiRulers of a particular city or location? It wouldn't have to mean much, other than that user is interested in making additions and edits with things having to do with that city or place. He or she could also be the point person for any location-specific information asked of the wiki by outsiders. We could also create little userbox tags for each place and so forth. It would be mostly a fun status thing and to impart a bit more ownership over particular corners of this site. I could also help clear out red link as the various Kings of Golarion tiday up their realms.

What do folks think? Other ideas or additions?

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