have seen a few different ways to write articles being portrayed by various chroniclers.

1. Take the book, and enter the test in that one book for all possible articles. This allows for someone to write many articles in a sort amount of time. Some of these articles, though, may not have information from all of the available resources, if others are available. On the other hand, this method better allows the chronicler to edit previously made articles with the information held in the book in their hands (or on their screens).

2. Take a list of articles that you would like to write about, and use the search function of Adobe Reader (Edit > Search) to find all of the books that have data on the article at hand. This means that articles may have many sources, and a lot of data to wade through (see the list of items in the talk page for slavery). The main issue with this method is that it takes a long time if you find yourself writing a long article with many sources to wade through and organize. The counter-balance to this is that some of the articles are more complete than articles written using method 1.

3. A combination of the above 2, searching for each item in the book at hand. This method eliminates the downfall of method 1, but contains both the plus and minus of method 2.

I believe we have some new categories or templates (I bet Yoda can come explain in a few minutes) that can assist with the downfall of method 1, if you know of another source there you can add this to it indicating that an update is needed or other sources need to be consulted.

This blog is not written to discourage the use of one of these methods, but instead to bring the three methods I have seen to light. If you are getting burnt out from using one method, perhaps trying another method for a little while. Are there other methods or variations of these methods that you use? Share them here.

Cpt kirstov 04:05, January 25, 2010 (UTC)

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