I missed out on the first year or so of the Pathfinder Adventure Path because it began during a board and video game phase. Then a few local friends showed me copies of Rise of the Runelords and Curse of the Crimson Throne. The gorgeous art and design struck me at once, but then I skimmed the adventure summaries, and I was hooked. I picked up the Campaign Setting and put in a standing order for the Adventure Path at my friendly local game store.

By the time James Sutter asked me to pitch story ideas for the Council of Thieves Adventure Path, I had a broad but fairly shallow knowledge of Golarion. To aid my studies, the Paizonians gave me access to .pdf versions of all their published material. The sheer volume of information threatened to smother me!

Even when limited to a single city, a Pathfinder story must include a sense of the larger world—the politics and history, the gods and legends—so I crammed like a freshman for exams, skimming many volumes that were only tangentially related to the setting of the story I wanted to tell. Soon I was spending more time reading than I was writing, and I knew there had to be a better way.

PathfinderWiki saved my ass.

I still consult the many volumes of Pathfinder setting and adventure products regularly, but sometimes all I need is to remember a name, or to check three sentences of history about—oh, let’s say, apropos of nothing—General Arnisant of the Shining Crusade. That's when, while writing Prince of Wolves, I could find the information I needed in seconds—and as a bonus discover a couple of helpful links to information I hadn’t realized I wanted to know—instead of spending fifteen or twenty minutes opening the appropriate .pdf files, searching for the correct page, and reading through an entire article.

The wiki is no replacement for the published material, and even its impressive store of articles barely scratches the surface of the vast store of Golarion lore. Even so, it sure helps navigate the ever-growing archive of information. And because Golarion expands each month with new adventures, modules, sourcebooks, and—soon—novels, the wiki needs your help.

Within the generous boundaries of the Community Use Policy, you can help Golariopedia expand and become more accurate by adding and editing entries yourself. It’s so easy, even I figured it out and made some adjustments with minimal errors, which the vigilant yoda8myhead noticed and corrected with lightning speed. Check out the simple editing instructions and see how easy it really is.

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