Though I'm not sure if the term "abroad" can accurately be applied to another Wikia project...

In any case, I've been itching to stop by and see how things are going over here; I'm glad to see the edits keep rolling in. Now that the Bestiary's been released in pdf format, and for a rather affordable $9.99 at that (perfect for those of us still without work), I'm getting ready to start writing my first Pathfinder adventure. I'm leaning toward setting things in Andoran, most likely in the region of Falcon's Hollow and as a follow-up to the events detailed in the modules centered in the region; are there any more in the works that we've been made aware of? The tricky thing will be writing something that will mesh with what's already been fleshed out. It'll entail a fair bit of research, all of which I tend to add to the wiki as well, and ultimately I may end up moving things to another part of Golarion. But it'll be a big project, and I can start climbing that mountain when I come to it.

Things are going well over at the Champions Wiki; running a project that has a direct competitor comes with a unique set of challenges, especially when that competitor started with a more complete base of articles to build upon. But things are coming along. Folks are starting to recognize my efforts, I'm starting to see more traffic. New contributors are scarce, and I've yet to have any stick around; I've been tempted to call it quits a few times, but I'm not quite ready for that yet. I have my doubts about the other project's longevity; the Admin personally finances things, and has taken a rather draconian "it's my way or the highway" approach to wiki management. He also doesn't seem to have any concern for matters of legality, a lack of knowledge that will probably come back to bite him at some point. I can't help but think it's only a matter of time until he loses interest in either the game or the wiki and abandons the project, resulting in its imminent end and loss of content due to lack of funding. I keep telling myself that when that happens it will fall to the Wikia project to be the primary resource for game information. It keeps me going, at any rate.

Anyway, take care folks. I'll try to keep in touch; feel free to drop me a line over at the Champions Wiki any time. Laters!

- HA

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