I recently starting participating in Pathfinder Society (PFS) organized play, via online tables organized though the Pathfinder Society online collective. For those unfamiliar with the collective, it is a Google Group designed specifically to facilitate and organize online Society play. It has allowed us to share character information and chronicles with one another as needed, allowing us to participate officially in the PFS.

Yesterday, however, Google made an announcement that page and file functionality will soon be cut from Google Groups. It poses a unique difficulty for those of us using the site to play electronically, as the page and file features are the primary method of communicating character information. As a result, we have begun looking at alternatives, and I mentioned Wikia.

So I'd like your input; the members of the Google Group are not necessarily familiar with the intricacies of a wiki project, but everyone here is. Do you think it would be beneficial for me to apply for a new Wikia specifically for PFS organized play? Right now I see it potentially filling three primary roles:

Facilitate Online Play
A place to record character information and chronicles, as well as organize and schedule online games.
Facilitate General Play
Allow users to add themselves to lists of PFS players based by geographical region, using their user talk page as a primary contact for other players that may wish to get in touch with them. Additionally, scheduled events could be included in a general calendar.
Knowledge Base
Summarize the intricacies of participating in PFS organized play. List resources and rules sanctioned for play, summarizing what they do and referencing the source material so interested parties can purchase and use them. Additionally, document and reference rules decisions made by the developers that influence organized play.

Something like this definitely falls outside of the scope of any current Pathfinder fan projects that I am aware of. My question is, do you think this could prove to be a worthwhile Wikia? Any thoughts on the matter? I would love any input you may have on the subject.

- HA

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