• Icfasntw


    December 27, 2009 by Icfasntw

    All of my contributions to this wiki occupy the "editing" sphere. I don't generate content, I read through existing content and tweak it. I'm okay with this.

    A problem, however, has manifested. Being what you call a "nub," I lack access to sources (like the Bestiary, the Rulebook, &c). This explains my non-contributory activities; I don't have official materials and mistrust anything I find on the tubes. Without sources, however, I don't always know what information on the pages I edit comes from which sources. So, sometimes, I mess up source citations in the editing process.

    References remain on the pages I edit; I attach citations to the sentences of mine that look the most like the sentences they originally supported. And a reader still k…

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