All of my contributions to this wiki occupy the "editing" sphere. I don't generate content, I read through existing content and tweak it. I'm okay with this.

A problem, however, has manifested. Being what you call a "nub," I lack access to sources (like the Bestiary, the Rulebook, &c). This explains my non-contributory activities; I don't have official materials and mistrust anything I find on the tubes. Without sources, however, I don't always know what information on the pages I edit comes from which sources. So, sometimes, I mess up source citations in the editing process.

References remain on the pages I edit; I attach citations to the sentences of mine that look the most like the sentences they originally supported. And a reader still knows where to go for information regarding, for example, Kyonin, because all the sources used to generate the content are still linked at the bottom. However, the direct, in-line citations sometimes get shuffled, and information is not always cited precisely.

I don't really know how to fix this, it's just a thing I've noticed.

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