• Thegmoat

    KorPeMorCor is a world based around a citystate that I built back in 2006. It was from a game my friend Spencer ran, where we found an old pyramid that had the Sword of Kas in it. (Kas was Vecna's general whom took his eye and hand in a battle that left Kas on the run from the dark lord.)  We built a city around the pyramid and named it after our gods. KorPeMorCor flourished in Spencer's game and brought in an age of prosperity. That was then, the good 'ol days of 3.5, before the dark ages. (4E!!!!)

    I kept all my paperwork on the write up's of KorPeMorCor, since it was the first city I ever designed. It was my baby and I feel in love. KorPe was more than just a side project for me, it was a world I started creating, and I didn't even realiz…

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  • Thegmoat

    Hello everyone!

    The Gmoat here, writing finally about this amazing system I have been running my world in for the past 5 months. It's amazing how fast time has flew as my party travels through my mix world; KorPeMorCor. (Yes, my world is named after the old Gods in 3.5...can you name them?) So, for months we have been playing this system and my complaints are as follows: no mindflayers. Okay, that's it! Isn't it amazing to have a fantasy rules system that is just about perfect. Sure, I tweek some things as any good GM should do, but for the most part, it's amazing. 

    I loved 3.5. It was the system that caught me, hook, line, sinker. But when the powers that be at Wizards decided to take the gimmick (Tome of Battle: The Book of Nine Swords) an…

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