Behold! Golariopedia has undergone a facelift and the Main Page now has a lot more to offer than before. I have been soliciting feedback from folks about the wiki and a lot of them expressed confusion of how often it was being edited and felt that it was difficult to navigate from the Main Page. So we've revamped it quite a bit and put some new shiny on it. New features include:

  • Automatically updating weekly featured article and featured image
  • Live blog roll of news both in the world of Pathfinder and on the wiki
  • Paizo development blog feed (working with Paizo to make it look a little nicer, but that might have to wait til after GenCon)
  • More information on how to help out and get started as a Golariopedia editor
  • A link to our new gallery which will be a work in progress, eventually providing easily navigable image galleries and browsing

Please, let us know what you think! Can we further improve it? Was there anything on the old Main Page you liked more? Leave feedback here or on the Talk page!

And for those of you joining the wiki for the first time, welcome! Let me know if I can be of any assistance to you.

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