I have been away from the wiki for most of last night and today but when I just logged on to check the recent changes, I was blown away. Here is see a new active member (welcome Amethal2! Add yourself to the Chroniclers list.) and more than 100 new edits since I was last on. But what really got me excited and inspired this post was seeing the collaborative process at work. Discussions are happening on talk pages, problems resolving themselves without quarrel. Categories are being created and implemented on articles that have just sprung up. And experienced users are taking a cue from our newest Chronicler, adding to brand new articles only moments after they're created, writing support articles in tandem, and increasing exponentially the information on a single topic (in this case the Mwangi Expanse in a matter of minutes. What was just a barren outline yesterday is a thriving, growing and most importantly useful article with a whole tree of support articles branching off from it. Here I've been playing Pathfinder Society over Skype and in the meantime the wiki has grown just a little bit closer to the vision I hope we all share. Great work, guys! Keep it up.

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