Perceptive chroniclers may have noticed a massive clutter in the Recent changes primarily conducted by a new user named YodaBot. These category moves were a test to assess the effectiveness of the wiki's newest assets, a pair of bots (which we're affectionately calling clockworks, the aforementioned YodaBot and Aeakett-bot. Now that these automatons have been correctly flagged as bots by the Wikia staff, their edits should go pretty much unnoticed unless you choose for them to show up in Recent changes, but if you look for them, I think you'll see that they're doing a lot of chugging away in the background to do repetitive and tedious tasks. Whether it's adding a new template to every article in a given category, moving articles from one category to another, or correcting spelling errors, there's a ton of stuff we can set these little guys to do. If you have requests, suggestions or questions, feel free to contact myself (talk) or Aeakett (talk). You can also read up on what these clockworks can do here.

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