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Void Zombies (CR +1): A humanoid killed by void death (e.g. by an akata) becomes a void zombie. A void zombie is a fast zombie with a secondary “tongue” attack (actually the larval akata’s feeding tendril) Speed: Increase the base creature’s land speed by 10 feet.

Defensive Abilities: A void zombie does not gain DR 5/slashing.

Attacks: A void zombie gains a secondary tongue attack for 1d6 damage. This follows normal rules for a secondary natural attack.

Special Attacks: A void zombie gains the following special attacks.

Quick Strikes (Ex): Whenever a void zombie takes a full-attack action, it can make one additional slam attack at its highest base attack bonus.

Blood Drain (Ex) If a void zombie hits a living creature with its tongue attack, it drains blood, dealing 2 points of Strength damage before the tongue detaches.

Special Qualities: A void zombie does not gain the staggered special quality.

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